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Molkki 25th June 2021 written update: Purvi Faces A Predicament!


Today’s episode starts with Virender as he is talking to Sakshi and saying that she has done everything deliberately so that she will win the bet. He says that he very well knows that she is trying to force Purvi to marry Vipul. He asks her to stop all her planning. He pushes the pot and gets hurt. She tries to see his wound but he leaves from there angrily. Here, Anjali tells Prakashi that how Virender react when he saw Vipul and Purvi in that condition. Prakashi says that Virender is very stubborn and they can’t separate him from Purvi so easily.


Here, Vipul says sorry to Virender and says that he can understand his anger but at that time, he had no other choice except that small hut. He says that the weather was getting worse. Purvi also says the same. Anjali comes there and says that she can call Virender, Purvi says but there is no network. Purvi leaves the place and Anjali and Vipul as well. Virender is getting flashbacks of Vipul and Purvi and feels angry. After that, Manas tries to attempt a stunt. He tells Virender that Vipul made him learn that stunt.

Virender asks him to focus on his study and not to do such stunts. Sakshi listens to him and comes there. She says to him that why is he getting angry at Manas. He says he was right. She says to him that Purvi is not an enemy for her but she feels that Vipul is good for Purvi as he takes care of her so much. He says that she will stop when Purvi’s life will be destroyed and request her to stop playing these games. She says that she is doing all this only for Purvi, not to win any bet or something. She asks him that he needs to accept the reality that Purvi has to leave this house.

Virender says to him that he can’t see Purvi with anyone else and says that she can think whatever about him. She says then she is leaving the house as she also can’t tolerate them together. Virender says is she getting mad. She goes to Purvi and tells her everything. Purvi says that she will go from this house post-divorce. She asks her to fill hatred in Virender for herself. She says if she wants to see her happy then she has to marry Vipul as he is good for her. Purvi agrees to marry Vipul and Sakshi announced this news in the house which shocks Virender. Don’t miss watching the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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