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Molkki 25th August 2021 written update full episode: Virender and Purvi face to face!


The episode starts with Daksh as he meets Veera and Virender. Virender asks Daksh about his fiance. Purvi gets a call from Chandini and goes outside. Meanwhile, another girl comes Purvi’s place and Daksh introduces her to them without seeing that she is not Purvi. Chandni informs Purvi that Nani is not well and asks her to come with Daksh. She then calls him and tells him everything. She asks him to come outside. Daksh leaves the places after informing Virender about his Nani.  Veer tells Virender now he met with his fiance and asks him to accept the truth. Virender nods and says that he wants to go to the village as soon as possible.


The next day, Juhi and Manas get punishment in their school. Daksh also drops Purvi at the hospital. She says to him that how will she able to work knowing about Nani’s condition. Daksh asks her not to worry as he will take care of her. Here, the kids are teasing Manas and Juhi. The teacher scolds them. Manas and Juhi notice Purvi and runs to her. They hug her and say that where was she. They ask her not to leave them again. Purvi thinks that they both have lost their toy so says to find out their toy.

Juhi tells her that they are talking about her only. They tell her that they searched for her a lot and Virender also doesn’t love them. Teacher complaints Purvi about the kids. Purvi asks them to go to the classrooms. They refuse to go. Purvi says that she doesn’t know them but says that she will help them to find whom they are searching for. She asks them to go to their classes and she goes with the teacher to see her class. Manak asks Juhi that why is Purvi behaving like that. She says that she has no idea about it.

Here, Doctor tells Daksh about Nani’s health condition and asks him not to give any stress to her. Daksh gets worried thinking about how will he reveal the truth to Nani. The kids get the guard’s phone and call Virender. They tell him about Purvi. Virender decides to come to the school. But by the time Virender reaches there, Purvi leaves the place. Nani announces Daksh and Purvi’s engagement so Daksh decides to reveal the truth but Purvi stops him. Virender gets to know about Daksh’s fiance who is Purvi. He goes to Daksh’s house and gets to know that today is their engagement. Purvi falls into the pool and Virender jumps into it to save her. He gets stunned seeing Purvi’s face. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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