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Molkki 23rd November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Purvi Know the Truth of Renu’s Father


Molkki 23rd November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Purvi Know the Truth of Renu’s Father: The episode starts with Virendra as he says to Purvi that he is going to complete all his works from the palace till Renu’s matter gets solved. He then sees that Purvi is not hearing him so he asks her where is she lost and also looks worried. She says to Virendra that she feels that Renu is angry with her. Virendra says to her that maybe she is worried about something. He decides to celebrate his first marriage anniversary with Purvi. He tells Renu about the party. She says that what will she do at the party. Virendra says that she will introduce her to everyone. He tells her to go and buy a dress for herself. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Purvi says that she will take her out. He nods and leaves the place. Renu thinks that she hates Purvis as her father is responsible for her condition. She thinks that she won’t tell the truth to Virendra for his sake. Virendra tells everyone about the party and warns them to not do any drama. The next day, Virendra gives a gift to Purvi and wishes her marriage anniversary. She says to him that she forgot his gift. He says to her that her smile is his gift. She then says that she was lying and gives a gift to him.

Purvi adds that how can she forget his gift. Sakshi sees everything and thinks that soon, she will give a big gift to them. She goes from there. Prakashi says to Sakshi that everything is normal in the house so what about the blast. Sakshi tells her to wait and watch. Virendra introduces Renu to all guests at the party. Later, he greets Purvi’s parents. Renu gets stunned seeing Purvi’s father and shouts aloud. Purvi asks her what the matter is. Renu pushes her aside which shocks everyone. She points her finger at Purvi’s father and tells everyone that Purvi’s father was the one who made her dancer.

She then tells everyone that how she saw his picture in the wedding album. She requests Virendra to save her from Purvi’s father. Purvi’s father is about to say something but Virendra stops him. He asks his men to take Purvi’s father inside a room. He makes sure that no one will be able to harm her. After that, Purvi says to Renu that now she knew why is she upset with her. Purvi tells her that she also hates her father as she destroyed her life as well. She tells Renu that she sold her too, Renu gets shocked hearing her. Renu says sorry to Purvi as she punished her for her father’s mistake. Virendra hears them and thinks he won’t forgive Purvi’s father. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 pm.

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