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Molkki, 23rd August 2021, Written Episode Update, Sakshi returned alive!


The episode starts with Purvi as she comes out with Daksh but Virendra already went from there. She says to him that she saw the same which has her scarf. Daksh says to her that she has to go to the temple tomorrow as Nani will go to the temple first and then will come to the house. The next day, Daksh is talking to his Nani and says that he is really happy as she is coming to see him. She says that he is getting her wrong as she is coming to meet his fiancee only because she knows how bad he is in choosing a girl.


They arrive at the temple. Nani asks him about Purvi. Purvi makes her entry wearing a saree. A smile comes on Nani’s face after seeing Purvi. She says to Daksh that she likes her. Purvi touches Nani’s feet to take her blessings. Daksh says to Purvi that Nani liked her. She says because he helped her. Nani comes to them after giving money to beggars. She asks Daksh to go to the office. Purvi and she will come later. She says that now she doesn’t need him as she has Purvi. She asks him not to feel jealous. He asks them to enjoy each other’s company and tells Purvi to take care of Nani.

Manas tells Virender that he wants to see India gate. He asks him to eat food first. Veer comes there and asks him if he still thinking about Dhwani’s voice. Virender says to him that it was the same voice as Purvi. Veer asks him to move on. He asks him to go to the temple, he will feel better. Purvi prays with Virender but neither Virender sees him nor Purvi. Suddenly, Virender’s Chunri falls down on Purvi that he bought for the goddess. Nani gives that Chunri to Virender and again Purvi and Virender miss seeing each other.

Purvi leaves the place with Nani. Nani asks Purvi if she is happy with Daksh and wants to marry him. She says that she will accept whatever God’s choice for her. Nani gets impressed with her and how Daksh gets her. Purvi tells Daksh that tomorrow she has to for an interview for a teacher job. Nani asks why she wants to work. Purvi says that she wants to do work for her happiness, not for money. The kids reach the school and ask Virender that why he wants to send them to a hostel. He says that the school is very good. Purvi also reaches the same school. Virender leaves the place while the kids notice Purvi and think to tell Virender about it. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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