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Molkki 23 September 2021 written update: Purvi To Face Harassment By Dhruv!


Molkki 23 September 2021 written update: Today’s episode starts with Daksh who badmouths Virendra and says that Virendra is also responsible for Purvi’s accident. He tells her that he didn’t even try to find Purvi as she is only a Molkki for him. He confesses her love to Purvi and says that he really cares for her that’s why he didn’t tell her anything. He adds that he wants to give her the life which she deserves. He tells her that he wants to give her a good and beautiful life where she can live happily always. He says sorry to her for lying to her.


Virendra says to Daksh that he is not saying anything to him because she cared for Purvi for these six months. Purvi then reminisces how Daksh confessed his love earlier and how Virendra never trust her, only accused her of everything. Purvi says to Daksh if he would have love, he didn’t lie to her. Then she says to Virendra that he always accused her of everything, never believed her as he always considered her a Molkki. He says that he wants her to follow her always even today. She says but now this won’t happen anymore. She says that Virendra just wants to complete her family that’s why he came to take her.

She says to Daksh that she will also not stay with him as he also betrayed her just like Virendra. She says that today she will only choose herself over everyone. She says that from now on Purvi will live her life according to her only. Juhi asks if she leaves them as well. Purvi says that she can’t leave him and will always be with them. She asks them to come with her. The kids agree. Purvi and the kids leave the place.

Later, Virendra tries to stop Purvi saying that he can’t live without his children. He asks the kids to stop Purvi as if they will ask her to stop, she will listen to them. The kids say that they only want Purvi, not the whole family. Prakashi comes there and asks Purvi to come to Haveli. Purvi asks her to stop her drama, she knows whatever she has done to separate her from Virendra.

Anjali and Prakashi make a plan and tells Nani about it. They ask her what if Virendra sees Purvi and Daksh together on the bed. They make Daksh fully drunk and tells him that Molkkis are controlled by force only. Purvi is in her room and Daksh also comes to her room in a drunk state. What will happen next in the episode? To know this, watch today’s episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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