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Molkki 22nd November 2021 full episode written update: The Panchayat Elections


Molkki 22nd November 2021 full episode written update: The Panchayat Elections: The episode starts with Purvi as she serves food for Renu who starts crying. Purvi asks the kids to go to the room. She then asks Renu about the reason behind crying. Renu says that she is getting respect and love after a long time. Prakashi says whatever she faced just because of her blind trust in her boyfriend. Anjali says to Renu that she did sin. She should have died instead of becoming a dancer. Purvi attempts to defend Renu. Purvi tells Renu to ignore Prakashi and Anjali’s words. Virendra also supports Purvi and Renu which makes angry Sakshi. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Later,  Purvi says to Virendra that they will celebrate Bhai Dooj. He says to her that she is so good and thinks about everyone. She talks to Virendra about informing the Police regarding Renu’s kidnapping. He says to her that he doubts Sakshi and Prakashi behind Renu’s kidnapping. He decides to reveal the truth first. After that, the Bhai Dooja celebration starts. Virendra gives a gift to Renu and also blesses her. Manas gives gifts to Juhi. Purvi tells Virendra to take her market as she wants shopping. Purvi tells the kids to look after Renu. Virendra bump into the kidnapper in the market.

The kidnapper starts running seeing Virendra and Virendra chases him. He catches him and beats him. In the meantime, the kids show the marriage album of Virendra and Purvi to Renu. Renu sees Purvi’s father and gets shocked. Virendra comes home bringing the kidnapper there. He asks him to tell who asked him to kidnap Renu. The kidnapper says to him that if he took the name then the person will kill him. Virendra says to him that if he won’t reveal the truth, he will kill him. Virendra beats him continuously. The kidnapper agrees to reveal the truth. Suddenly, someone shoots the kidnapper and everyone gets shocked. The shooter run away from there.

Virendra looks at Sakshi who asks him why is he looking at her when she doesn’t know the shooter.  Virendra then looks at Prakashi. She says that she didn’t do anything as she doesn’t have money to hire the kidnapper. Renu gets panicked and says that she doesn’t want to dance again. Purvi tries to calm her down and takes her to the room. Virendra comes to Renu and asks her not to worry. His men will protect her. He adds that no one will be able to reach her. Purvi says nothing will happen to her and asks her to rest for some time. Later, Renu plays with the kids and ignores Purvi thinking about her father. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 Pm.

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