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Molkki, 22 October 2021, Written Episode Update, Arjun Exposed


Molkki 22nd October 2021 Written Update: The episode starts with Purvi as she is feeling bad for Radhika. She says to her that Arjun is a very cunning person. Radhika tells her whatever she did with Arjun and tells her that Arjun has no right to fight the case in court. Purvi asks her about proofs against Arjun. She says that she needs two days’ time as she will have to collect it from Delhi. Purvi agrees and tells her to take care of her. Radhika leaves. Purvi makes a call to Sakshi and tells her everything she gets to know about Arjun.  Sakshi gets happy to know that and also asks her about the proof. Purvi says that she will get them after 2 days. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Purvi asks her not to tell anything to Virendra and cuts the call. After that, Purvi sleeps keeping the knife with her. Sakshi comes to Virendra with a blanket. She sits near him and sleeps. The next day, Virendra awakes and questions Sakshi about what is she doing there. She says that she comes to check on him and slept, doesn’t know when? She says sorry to him. Virendra says it’s fine and leaves the place. Purvi awakes and gets worried about not seeing kids with her. She searches for them in the house. She notices that Arjun is also not at home.

She recalls Arjun’s warning. She goes to Virendra’s house and informs Sakshi and Virendra about the kids. Virendra gets mad at her. She reveals the truth that she did everything for him only. He scolds them and says that she sacrificed the kids to save him. He says that he did a big mistake by giving his kids’ custody to Purvi. Sakshi asks him not to forget what has Purvi done for the kids and him too. They go to the police station. Meanwhile, Purvi gets a call from Arjun who tells her that she knows that she met Radhika.

He asks her not to tell anything to Police if she wants to see the kids alive. Purvi asks him not to do anything to the kids. Purvi tells Virendra that the kids are fine and at home. Later, she tells them that she lied there as Arjun threatened her not to do anything against him. She tells them that she demands 5 crores to leave the kids.

After some time, Purvi reaches the place where Arjun asked her to come but Purvi finds no one there. Arjun calls Purvi and tells her that now he wants 10 crores.  Virendra blames Purvi. Purvi thinks that there is someone who is giving updates to Arjun. Sakshi meets Arjun and says to him that he executes the place very well. Manas sees Purvi and runs to her, a rock falls on Purvi. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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