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Molkki, 21st June 2021, Written Episode Update, Vipul Decides To Leave The Mansion!


In the new episode of the Serial, you are going to see Virendra who is recalling when Vipul was praising Purvi for her cooking skills and he is also recalling the fact when Anjali stated that it is pretty difficult to forget about the first love for anyone. Purvi enters the scene with a plateful of delicious food as he tells her that he is not at all hungry and he is going to lay down now as he is feeling sleepy and then she is telling him that how will she be able to sleep if he is going to sleep with an empty stomach and she further tells him to eat the food for her sake and then he is telling her that he is the only one who has the right to praise her and then he tells her to feed him with her own hands.


And then she is telling him that Sakshi is the one who told her to make these dishes and then he goes on to feed him and then he is thinking to himself that it was Sakshi’s plan all along as she is leaving the room after feeding him and then she is seeing that Sakshi is also preparing food for Virendra as he tells him to eat that plate too and then she goes on to hide, and then Sakshi enters the room and she is telling him that it would be bad decision to sleep on an empty stomach as he is also a diabetic patient and she serves him the food as he is eating it with some difficulty as he has already eaten, Purvi is seeing all of that and she has a smile on her face.

Then the next day comes and Sakshi is asking Purvi to help Vipul as he is trying to find some important files of Virendra and then Vipul and Purv are seeing searching for the files and during that time she slips and then Vipul caught her which is is being seen by Virendra and then she tells the reason to why is he holding her and then Virendra tells Vipul to approach him if he finds out where the files are and then Vipul tells him that Sakhi told her that Purvi is going to help him out in finding the files and then he leaves from there.

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