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Molkki 21st July 2021 written update: Nandini Runs Away From Home!


The episode starts with Juhi as she asks Purvi will they go to Nanthini’s wedding. Purvi says to her that she has no idea that what should she do as Virender’s anger is increasing every minute. Juhi tells her to go to Virender and tells him that Juhi and Manas want to go there. She says then Virender can give permission to attend Nanthini’s marriage.


Purvi says to her that she is right but can’t be sure. Suddenly, she overhears Sudha’s voice so asks the kids to go to their room. Veer comes to Sudha and says to her that he needs her advice for something. Veer takes her to his room and shows her some jewelry pieces. He asks her to tell him what should he give to Nanthini as a wedding gift.

Sudha chooses one jewelry piece. Here, Purvi asks the servant about Sudha. The servant tells her that Veer takes her to his room. Purvi thinks about why he took her to his room. On the other hand, Veer tells Sudha to put that necklace on her. She does the same and Veer likes it and decides to give that piece to Nanthini. Purvi takes Sudha from there.

Veer decides to attend Nanthini’s marriage at any cost. Virender is in his room and says that he knows very well that Chaudhary is up to something definitely but the family is coming in his sweet talks and unable to see his real intention. He says but he won’t let Chaudhary spoil his daughter’s life. Chaudhary’s men come to Virender’s house and give him the invitation card.

Virender tears the care in anger and tells them to inform their Maalik that he won’t let this marriage happen. Purvi thinks about what will he do to stop Nanthini’s marriage. Here, the bride and groom get ready for their marriage. Meanwhile, Veer reaches there and gives the gift to Nanthini who gets amused to see the gift. Purvi comes there and tells everyone that Virender is about to do something to stop this marriage.

Nanthini gets angry. After some time, Virender reaches the venue along with his men and starts breaking things. He notices that no one is there so asks the priest about everyone. The priest says to him that Chaudhary has changed the venue suddenly. Here, Purvi decides to perform the Kanyadaan ritual. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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