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Molkki 21 May 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi’s Ingenious Plan!


The episode starts with Anjali as she says to Sakshi that Virendra conducted this painting competition for Purvi so that he can make Purvi’s portrait. She shows her a video in which Virendra is saying thanks to the organizer saying he did so much for him. Anjali says to her that Virender wanted to spend some time with Purvi that’s why he did all this. Sakshi says to her that she is telling a lie. She says that she very well knows that she and Prakashi want to destroy her life and she will not let that happen.


She says that Virender did all this for her but because of the kids’ stubbornness, he had to make Purvi’s portrait. Prakashi moves from there. Anjali says to Sakshi that one day her husband and kids will forget her. She says to her that tomorrow is her wedding anniversary. She says that Virender will forget surely. Purvi overhears their conversation. Sakshi thinks that Virender can’t forget their anniversary. Purvi thinks if Virender remembers their anniversary or not. She asks the kids to get to know if Virender remembers the anniversary or not. The next morning, the kids go to Virender and get to know that he doesn’t remember anything about today.

The kids tell this to Purvi. After that, Sakshi gets dressed up beautifully and asks Virender if she is looking good. He says to her that she is looking gorgeous and tell her that she going somewhere. Sakshi gets upset. The kids come to her and ask her to reach on terrace sharp at 6 PM as Virender planned a surprise for her. They say the same to Virender and asks him to purchase a gift. Virender thinks Purvi is going to surprise him. At 6 PM, she goes to the terrace and gets amused to see all decorations and everything. She says Virender still loves her like before. Virendra also reaches there with a gift. He hugs Sakshi from behind thinking her Purvi. He gets shocked at Sakshi there.

She hugs him happily. Virender gets a letter which Purvi kept there. Virender understands that all this is done by Purvi. Sakshi says thanks to him for preparing all this for her. Virender says to her that there is not to say thanks to him as he did all this for her happiness. Sakshi tells Anjali and Prakashi how Virender and she celebrated their anniversary with each other. Virender meets Purvi and says thanks to her for everything she did for him. The kids tell Purvi about fancy dress competitions in the school. Manas doesn’t tell Sakshi anything, what he is going to become which hurts Sakshi. Catch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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