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Molkki 20th September 2021 full episode written update: Virendra Is Shocked With Daksh Decision!


Molkki 20th September 2021 full episode written update: The episode starts with Purvi as she addresses her mother as a mother. Prakashi says that the lady is the manager’s wife. Purvi says sorry to everyone. She says, at once, she felt that she is her mother.  Prakashi asks the servant to take Purvi’s mother from there. Chandni comes there and takes Purvi from there to start the Mehendi function. Virendra questions Prakashi why she lied to Purvi. She says that he told them not to make her remember anything about the past. Then Prakashi says to Daksh that now she understood the real face of Virendra.


She tells him that the doctor asked them not to try to make her remember the past, still, Virendra is trying to make her remember by bringing her mother to the house. She says that Virendra is very stubborn. Nani says that he is getting mad that’s why he is doing all this without thinking about Purvi’s life. She asks Daksh to do something. Later, the servant asks Pruvi to have food as everyone is waiting for her. She says that she is not hungry. Meanwhile, Purvi’s mother comes there and asks the servant to bring the food here.

She asks her to have dinner. Purvi asks why didn’t she go for dinner. Her mother tells her that she is like her daughter so how can she eat before her. The servant comes there with food. Purvi’s mother feeds her with her hands. Purvi gets teary and says that today she is missing her mother so much. Here, Daksh says to Nani that now Virendra is understanding that he is playing emotional cards with Purvi. Purvi reminisces her mother’s words. Virendra comes to Purvi and asks if she is fine. She says yes. Virendra says no, she is not okay and asks her to share with him.

Purvi says to him that today she is feeling like she is an orphan. She might have her family and can be married too. She says that she is right and her family must be waiting for her. Purvi decides not to get married to Daksh since she gets to know about her past. She tells him that she is also not sure about Daksh. Then Daksh celebrates bachelor party with Virendra. He taunts Virendra indirectly. Virendra gets suspicious thinking if Daksh learned everything. The next day, Daksh announces that he is going to Delhi and will get married there. Virendra gets shocked. You can catch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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