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Molkki 20th October 2021 written update Full Episode, Arjun has betrayed Poorvi


The episode starts with Sakshi as she tries to calm Virendra but he tells her to leave him alone. She tells him to share with her so that she can help her just as a friend. Here, Purvi makes the kids sleep by telling lullaby. She gets Arjun’s text message and remembers how he asked for the first night. She comes to her room and keeps a knife with her to protect herself from Arjun. Arjun also comes to the room and Purvi thinks if he tried to do something with her, she will attack him but Arjun takes a pillow and is about to leave the room but Purvi stops him and asks him where is he going.


He says to her that he wants her to come to him by herself, not forcibly that’s why he is going out of this room. He leaves from there. Sakshi asks Virendra to sleep. He says that he has to find out the truth behind all this. She says to him that Purvi herself tells him that she loves Arjun now. Virendra says that Purvi only loves him and there is something behind her marriage for sure. The next morning, Purvi does Navratri Puja, In the meantime, Sakshi also does Puja in Virendra’s house.

Molkki 20th October 2021

Purvi prays to God to show her a way to find something against Arjun. Virendra tells God to help him to get back his kids and wife. Sakshi says that God will fulfill his wish. Arjun says to Purvi that he is going somewhere for work and leaves. After that, Purvi opens the locked room of Arjun’s house to find his weakness. She gets to know that Arjun’s legal license is canceled 10 years ago. She says that he betrayed her and the court too. She reads a case of Radhika. Purvi messages Radhika.

She then calls her and tells her that Arjun has betrayed her too so she wants to have a word about it but Radhika asks her to fight alone as she doesn’t want to get into all this again. Purvi requests her to meet her once and asks her to meet in the bazaar. Here, Virendra meets the kids who tell him that Purvi is taking them to Bazar. He decides to question her there. Purvi wonders will Radhika come or not. Virendra takes Purvi aside and asks why is she doing this.

He says that he knows that she is in some trouble and they both resolve it together. Purvi gets emotional and is about to reveal the truth but stops herself when she hears Arjun’s voice. Virendra gets furious when he sees Arjun’s hand on Purvi’s waist. He says that he has to get his family back soon. Purvi meets Radhika and asks her if she can give her evidence against Arjun. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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