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Molkki 20th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Virendra Reveals His Love


The episode starts with Purvi as she is worried thinking if Anjali shows that picture to Sakshi. The kids come to her and say that they overhear everything. They ask her not to worry as they have a plan to teach the lesson to Anjali. They whisper something to her. Anjali comes to Sakshi when she was cleaning the dining table. she asks her to leave it, she will do it. Sakshi says to her when did she started thinking so much about her and asks her not to pretend.


Anjali says to her that after seeing a picture she will get to know how much she thinks about her. Manas makes Anjali falls on the floor and says sorry to her. He says to Sakshi that she wants a milkshake. Anjali says to him that she will give milkshake later. Juhi says that they want a milkshake right now. Sakshi goes to bring the milkshake for them. Anjali says that she will make her show that picture to Sakshi at any cost. Juhi makes Anjali fall by throwing the peel of the banana. Purvi notices everything from far. She asks if she need help. Anjali denies it and stands up on her own.

Juhi handovers her mobile to her. Anjali goes to Sakshi to show her the pictures. Sakshi starts laughing at the pictures. Anjali wonders why she is laughing seeing the pictures. She thinks where is the pictures. The kids smile along with Purvi when Anjali comes out from the kitchen. Purvi thinks about how she managed to delete those pictures from Anjali’s phone. Anjali learns that it’s all their planning and says she will see them later. After that, Sakshi brings a milkshake for the kids. Purvis says thanks to God for helping her by sending the kids.

Later on, Virender comes to Purvi and handovers a dress to her and says that she has to wear this for the painting competition. He says to her that he is going to draw her portrait tomorrow. She asks him what about Sakshi. He asks not to think about her and leaves. At the painting competition, the kids praise Sakshi saying she is looking so pretty. They ask her to play with them and start stubborn. She thinks how can she hurt the kids. Virender says he will lose the competition. She asks her to draw Purvi’s portrait and makes her sit in front of him. Purvi says she knows that it is all his planning. Virender wins the competition.

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