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Molkki 20th July 2021 full episode written update: Virendra Rejects Aarav-Nandini’s Marriage Proposal!


The episode starts with Purvi as she says to Virender if he is struggling for sleeping then she can sing a lullaby. He says to her that he has a headache so she brings ointment for him. In the meantime, Nanthini gets a call from someone and she goes from the mansion and left a letter. Aarav picks Nanthini. The next day, Veer wears a turban when he goes to the market. On the other hand, Priyashi is buying vegetables along with Anjali. Sudha notices Veer and says to him that he just looks like his father. She asks him to buy a turban for himself.


Later, Veer buys a turban for Sudha as well and then helps her to wear it. They both click pictures together. Anjali tries to manipulate Priyashi against Sudha and says to her that after Virender, Veer is the one who will become Mukhiya. Here, Purvi comes to Nanthini’s room and gets shocked seeing that Nanthini is not there. She gets a letter and reads it. She gets to know that Nanthini ran away from the house and thinks about what will Virender do after knowing about this but then she goes to tell him everything. Virender says that Chaudhary and Aarav are trying to trap Nanthini in their evil plans.

Virender says that why is Nanthini not understanding the fact. He says that now he has to support her so that they can’t destroy her life. Virender tries to get up but Purvi stops him and says to him that Nanthini took this decision just because of him. She says that it is the result of his anger. She adds that the Chaudhary family was ready to forget the past but he is the one who disrespected them and get them out of the house. He says that his daughter will not stay happy in that house so he did that. He tells her about their evil intentions.

Purvi says to Virender that she feels that Aarav is good for their daughter. She asks him to accept Nanthini’s alliance with Aarav. She says that Nanthini is an adult so she can make her own decision and he can’t do anything about it. Here, Nandini is in Aarav’s house and he says to her that she is safe now. Chaudhary’s family says that they will start everything new and will accept Nanthini wholeheartedly. Virender is about to call the cops but Purvi stops him saying that the Police can’t do anything about it as Nanthini is an adult and can make her decision. Virender leaves the place saying that he will not accept this alliance. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.


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