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Molkki 1st September 2021 full episode written update: Purvi Is In Danger!


Today’s episode starts with Nani as she says to Daksh that she wants Purvi to get married to him only. He says that he also loves her a lot that’s why he made this plan to convince her. Nani says to him that now he will guide him to win Purvi’s heart. He says thanks to his Nani as she understands him. She tells him that from now he will follow only her instructions. Then she tells him to ask Purvi to go on date with him. She says when they both will go on a date, some goons will misbehave with Purvi and he will save her from them, he will get impressed with him for sure.


Chandni comes there and praises Nani’s idea. Nani then goes to Purvi and tells her that she is going on a date with Daksh. Juhi and Manas overhear all conversations and decides to make Nani fail in her plan. Juhi says to Manas that Virender will go to that restaurant and will save Puri from the goons. The kids decide to stop Daksh from going there. She discusses her plan with Manas. Ahead, Virendra asks the kids to have pizza but they refuse to have it and says that they want to eat Chinese food only. Virender decides to get it.

Here, Purvi is waiting for Daksh at the restaurant and thinks why he didn’t reach yet. Daksh gets ready, Nani and Chandni compliment him. Daksh leaves for the restaurant but then notices car tires are punctured. Purvi makes a call to Daksh who tells her about the tire puncture. She asks him to come fast. After that, some goons misbehave with her and she asks for help. Virendra comes there and fights with goons. He gets hurt. Purvi gets shocked seeing him fighting him. She asks him if she is okay. He applies Haldi to his wound. They both leave the place.

After some time, Daksh reaches there and calls Purvi. She tells him everything and asks him to come soon. On the other side, Veer spends the whole night with Priyashi and is about to leave the place. Priyu stops him and tells him to stay with her for more time. He says that he has to leave now. The kids ask him about their Chinese food. Virender tells them to eat Pizz. The kids say that they give that pizza to the watchman.

Purvi says that she will prepare food for them. After that, Daksh meets Purvi and also invites Virendra for dinner. At the dinner, Nani notices Purvi and Virendra. She also sees them together when Purvi sews the button Virendra’s Kurta. Don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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