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Molkki 1st October 2021 full episode written update: Purvi Assures Mukhiji THIS!


Molkki 1st October 2021 full episode written update: The episode starts with Juhi as she asks Purvi if Virendra won’t return ever. Purvi tells the kids to believe in her, she will bring their father out of jail for sure. She then makes the kids sleep. After that, Purvi wakes up in the middle night and finds Sudha is not there. She searches for her and finds her outside. She asks her what is she doing here. She says that she is thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Purvi asks her not to become weak and tells her that she went to hire a new lawyer but he demand a huge amount and she doesn’t have money.


Molkki Written Update

Purvi says that how will she save Virendra. Meanwhile, Sakshi comes there and says that she will help her to get Virendra out of jail. Purvi gets shocked seeing her. Sakshi says that she came here to help her. She adds that she came back for her family and their happiness. Purvi says how can she trust her.  Sakshi tells her that she made a deal with Prakashi to get her kids. She says that Prakashi can do anything to get a property that’s why she didn’t expose her and left. She says that she very well knows that only she can make her family happy so she came here to help her.


Purvi agrees to join hands with Sakshi then she tells her about the fees. Sakshi says that she will arrange money. Sakshi says now she will meet her tomorrow and leaves. Sudha gets furious and asks Purvi why she joined hands with Sakshi. Purvi says that she doesn’t have any other option and she also knows that Sakshi won’t harm Virendra and the kids. The next day, Prakashi and Anjali enjoy their victory. Suddenly, Sakshi comes there and Anjali gets shocked. She asks Purvi to thrown Anjali out of the house and requests Prakashi to leave. Prakashi moves towards the gate and then starts pretending like she had a heart attack.

Anjali asks to call the doctor. Purvi asks the doctor what happened to Prakashi. He says that she had a mild heart attack. Purvi reaches the lawyer’s office with Sakshi. She gives him money. The lawyer says that it’s not necessary as Virendra’s case is an open and shut case. Purvi goes to meet Virendra with Sakshi and tells him that now she is not alone. Later, Purvi gets to know from Sudha that the kids are missing for some time and she is not able to find them anywhere. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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