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Molkki 19th November 2021 full episode written update: Sakshi wons the battle


Molkki 19th November 2021 full episode written update: Sakshi wons the battle: The episode starts with Village ladies who badmouth Renu. They say that it doesn’t matter if Renu was forced to become a dancer or not. Sakshi decides to act and is about to go to Renu but Purvi goes to Renu before Sakshi. She scolds village women as they were blaming Renu for their husband’s mistakes. She says that because of society’s thinking she becomes a dancer so they don’t have any right to question her. She says to Virendra that men don’t respect women that’s why they become Molkki or dancers. She tells village women to take care of their husbands instead of accusing Renu of anything. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


She says to Virendra that he should protect Renu as it’s her responsibility to be a brother. She says Renu has only him at this time. She tells him to think about what all Renu went through till now. Purvi says that he should throw her out of the house too if he is throwing Renu out of the house. Sakshi thinks that Purvi is spoiling her plan. Virendra announces in the village that Renu is going to stay with them from now on. Sakshi opposes it and says she won’t allow this.

He says that Renu has the right to stay in the house. He adds that if she has any issues then Renu will stay in the outhouse. A lady says to Sakshi how can a dancer stay in the house. Purvi shuts her up. After that, Prakashi says to Sakshi that it is not going to be so easy to defeat Purvi. She says that Purvi has snatchest the pawn from her. She asks her now what she is going to do. Sakshi says that she has another plan. She says that she will hire men to kidnap Renu tonight so that she can prove that Purvi is not right.

In the meantime, Renu says sorry to Virendra as she went against him. Virendra says to her that he should say sorry to her because she was scared of him that’s why she didn’t return. He tells her not to worry anymore as now he is with her to protect her. Sakshi sends a few men to kidnap Renu from her room. Renu screams for help and Purvi hears her. She goes to check on her. Virendra also comes there and beats the men. Sakshi says that Purvi destroyed her plan again. Prakashi asks what happend. Purvi explains everything. Virendra says that now Renu will stay with them in the house. Renu meets the kids. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 pm.

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