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Molkki 19th June 2021 full episode written update: Prakashi Plays Her Cards!


The episode starts with Purvi as she is feeling puzzled thinking about Vipul’s sudden entry into her life again. Virender comes to her and sits next to her. He questions her if she is fine or not. She says to him that she would have died if Vipul didn’t come there on time. Virender asks her not to talk about dying. He says that he won’t let anything wrong happen to her. She says to him that he has to go from here one day. She leaves the place. Virender stops her by pulling her towards him and asks her if she ever had feelings for Vipul.


Purvi says why he is asking this? He says that he just wants her to answer. She tells him that she and Vipul know each other since childhood. She also reveals that she used to like him and they both were about to get married to each other. She adds that but now she only loves him and her heart beats only for him. She leaves from there. Purvi brings food for Vipul and asks him to eat the food. They both had a small conversation. She asks him to leave as he is fine now. Anjali listens to them along with Prakashi.

The next day, Anjali asks Mr. Gupta to come to the house and tells Virender about the new manager Vipul. Sakshi says to Virender that they should discuss the proposal of Vipul with Purvi. Purvi comes there and tells them that Vipul is going tomorrow. Later, Mr. Gupta comes and tells everyone that Vipul is their new manager. Sakshi says then he will stay here only. Vipul gets hurt while playing with the kids. Purvi shows some care for him which notices Sakshi. She asks Purvi to prepare some dishes but not tells her that it’s Vipul’s favorite dish.

In the upcoming episode, you will also see that Sakshi will try to get Purvi close to Vipul. She tells her to find some work papers with Vipul. Purvi goes to find the papers while finding the papers she gets imbalanced and Vipul saves her by catching her in his arms. Virender sees everything. Then Sakshi questions Purvi and tries to get to know about her childhood. She says that if she will explain the stories of her childhood then the whole night will pass. She says that then explains it this night. After that, Purvi goes to her room, and Sakshi and Virender bet on Purvi marriage whether she will agree or not. You can catch this episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM and on the Voot app as well.

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