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Molkki 19th August 2021 full episode written update: Dhavni Experiences Flashes From Her Past!


Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she tells Daksh that she is not able to do anything and tells him that her legs have pain right now badly because of those high heels. He tells her to continue the practice daily. Purvi and Daksh start fighting. Chandni comes to them and tells them that they need to go shopping tomorrow so asks them to stop their silly fights. Daksh leaves the place then Chandni says to Purvi that he sees Virender in her dream and tells her that she didn’t even spend time with her at the party. Purvi says to her that she should tell Daksh to invite Virendra to the house.


Chandni then goes to Daksh and tells him to invite Virendra to visit their house as he left the party without meeting him. Daksh says that he will invite him some other time. Purvi comes there and asks him to call Virendra right now. Daksh does the same and puts the call on speaker. Purvi feels strange hearing Virendra’s sound. Daksh asks him to visit his house. Virendra agrees to meet him. Purvi wonders if she ever heard his voice. Chandni compliments his voice and Purvi too.

The next day, Sudha tells Veer to come with her to the temple but denies saying that he has some urgent work to do. He goes from there. Purvi questions Daksh if she really needs a makeover. He says yes because he can’t go in front of her Nani with a joker. Purvi starts pulling her hair and he asks her to stop. Chandni asks them to go shopping. Daksh says he will come later as he needs to attend an important meeting. Virendra’s clothes get dirty on the way to meet the principal so the driver stops the car near a shop. Virendra goes to the same shop where Purvi is already doing shopping.

Then Virendra notices Chandni in the shop and hides seeing her. Purvi goes to the men’s section to pick something for Daksh. She chooses a blue Kurta and goes to the men’s trial room. Virendra also goes to the men’s trial room and takes that Blue Kurta thinking he chose it for himself. Purvi then realized that Kurta is missing. She comes out and tries to stop Virendra but Daksh comes there and says that they will take something else. Virendra then goes for the kids’ admission. He calls Daksh to meet him in the restaurant.


Virendra reaches the restaurant and notices a couple and recalls Purvi. Daksh also reaches there and sees Virendra is seeing the couple. He asks him if he loves someone and asks him to tell something about his life. Daksh gets a call from Purvi but he was not around then Virendra picks the call and puts it on speaker. Virendra gets shocked hearing Purvi’s voice and says Bawri. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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