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Molkki, 18th August 2021, Written Update, Will Daksh Propose To Purvi?


Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she says to Daksh that he was just kidding and says yes to help him out. She adds that he did so much for her after her accident with his car. He provides her best treatment and took care of her. She says that he also gave advertisements in the newspaper when she lost her memory. He tried hard to find her family but when no one comes to take her, he made her his family members and gave her so much respect and love. Then she says that now when he needs her help so he will definitely do. Daksh gets happy hearing her.


Here, Chandni meets Virendra and offers him fruits but he refuses to take them. He asks her about Daksh to which she says that he will be here only. Daksh says thanks to Purvi and says that they have to announce their relationship before Nani’s arrival. Virender thinks that he should not come here. Virendra gets a call from Prakashi so he goes outside to receive the call. Daksh announces his relationship with Purvi in front of everyone. The guests ask him about their engagement to which he says when Nani comes, everything will happen.

Purvi feels weird thinking about her decision to help Daksh. She thinks if Daksh is the one who is made for her. She adds if it’s right then why doesn’t she feel anything for him. She asks herself who is made for her. Prakashi tells Virendra that the kids have been suspended from school. She asks him to come and handle his kids. Virendra then goes from there seeing Daksh is busy. Chandni tells Daksh about Virendra. Daksh gets Virendra’s text that he left. Purvi goes to the terrace as she feels suffocated.


Daksh then says thanks to Chandni for her idea. Purvi is thinking about her decision if it’s right or wrong. Suddenly, Purvi’s scarf flew down on Virendra so she goes behind his car but fails to catch it. Virendra thinks to send the kids to the hostel. The next day, Daksh wakes Purvi up and tells her to get ready. He says that she needs to makeover herself as Nani will not catch their lie seeing her in traditional attire. Virendra reaches the house and meets the kids. He scolds them for their suspension. He says that now they will go to the hostel. The kids say to him that he doesn’t love them. Virender hugs them. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” at 10 PM on Colors.

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