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Molkki 17th June 2021 full episode written update: Purvi’s Life In Grave Danger!


Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she gets shocked when she sees Vipul and feels uneasy. Vipul holds her and gets out of the storeroom. Priyashi feels relaxed seeing them safe. Sakshi questions her about Vipul. She says to her that Vipul is her friend. Sakshi says that he puts his life at risk to save Purvi. Priyashi recalls the past when Vipul told her about Purvi’s marriage. She tells Sakshi that Vipul has feelings for Purvi that’s why he can’t let anything wrong happen to Purvi. Vipul makes her on a chair. Everyone gathers there.


Sakshi goes to Purvi and asks her if she is okay or not. She nods yes. Sakshi notices that Vipul still has feelings for Purvi and thinks that’s why he saved Purvi. Sakshi thinks that Vipul is a good groom for Purvi. Suddenly, Vipul faints. After a while, the doctor comes to the house to check Vipul. He tells everyone that Vipul will come to his senses after some time. The doctor tells everyone to take care of him. Vipul comes to his senses. Sakshi says thanks to him for saving Purvi’s life. Priyashi tells him that he needs to go to goa as he got a job there.

Vipul says thanks to everyone as they take care of him so much and tells him that he needs to go. Sakshi asks him to stay with them till he will recover properly. He agrees. Sakshi asks Priyashi to come with her. She shows the room to her where she will stay. She asks her the details about Vipul. Priyashi says to her that Vipul loves Purvi very much that’s why he didn’t marry anyone and still single. She also tells her that Purvi also had feelings for him earlier. Virender asks Mr. Gupta about the manager.

On the other hand, Sakshi comes to Virender and tells him everything that happened to Purvi. She tells him about Vipul. She informs him about the past relationship of Purvi and Vipul which shocks him. She asks her to get Purvi married to Vipul. She says that Vipul is staying at their house till he recovers completely. Virender meets Vipul and says thanks to him for saving Purvi. Anjali tells Prakashi about Vipul. Virender says to Sakshi that first, they will get the details about Vipul. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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