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Molkki, 16th September 2021, Written Update, Purvi shocked to see her mother!


Today’s episode starts with Purvi as she says to Virendra that she is feeling like Priyashi is connected to her past life. He tells her that nothing is like that so she should not think this much about her. Here, Priyashi gets mad at Veer as she threw her out of the house. She asks him not to come to her and she doesn’t want his love anymore. Veer then accepts his mistake and tells her to relax for some time. He then tries to make her understand stating that he can’t take her side in front of Virendra. He says sorry to her. She thinks that now they should reveal the truth about their relationship.


He questions her why she created drama over there. She says to him that how can she relax after knowing that Purvi is happy with Virendra. He says to her that Purvi has kept fast for Daksh, not for Virendra, and Purvi and Daksh are going to marry each other soon. She says that she will destroy Purvi’s life. The next day, Purvi tells Daksh that she thinks that Priyashi is connected to her past so she wants to meet her. She asks her to take her to her house, she got her address. He agrees. Here, Veer comes home and goes to his room. Sudha questions him where was he till now.

He tells her that he was in the mill. Sudha says that he is lying. She says that she very well know that he was with Priayashi. After that, Veer admits that he was with Priyashi. She asks him how can he deceive her. He says that Purvi was the one who got them married. He asks her not to expect anything from him. He leaves the place. There, Purvi and Daksh come to Priyashi’s house and get shocked seeing Prakashi and Anjali there. Prakashi says to them that they came to talk to Priyashi but she is not here.

In the meantime, Priyashi and Virendra meet each other. Priyu asks him why he lied to Purvi about her. He ignores her and is about to leave. She says that she will make Purvi remember her past. He comes to her and says to her don’t even try to come to the house. She says to herself that she won’t let them together. At the house, Purvi’s Haldi ceremony starts. Everyone applies Haldi on Purvi. Virendra is about to apply Haldi on her but Nani stops him saying that any other man is not allowed to apply Haldi on the bride, except the groom. Later, everyone applies Haldi to each other. Virendra and Purvi also apply Haldi on each other and Daksh see all this. Priyu tells Daksh that Virendra and Purvi share a special relationship with each other. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 Pm.

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