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Molkki 16th November 2021 full episode written update: Virendra cried to see Purvi’s true love; Sakshi plan failed


Molkki 16th November 2021 full episode written update: Virendra cried to see Purvi’s true love; Sakshi plan failed: The episode starts with Virendra as he screams to call the ambulance. Sakshi says that she won’t let Purvi be happy in her life.  The police take her from there. Later, Purvi is admitted to the hospital and Virendra is consoling the kids. The doctor shifts Purvi to the ward. Virendra tells the kids to go to Purvi’s room. The doctor tells Virendra something about  Purvi. Meanwhile, Purvi comes to her senses and Virendra comes to meet him. She questions him about the baby. He says to her that she is safe and it’s enough for her. She asks him about the baby again. He tells her about her miscarriage. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Purvi cries after hearing this. He says to her that he knows the baby was so important for her but God has something else for her. He says if anything would happen to her how he forgives himself. He adds that now they are together and it matters the most. He says that Manas and Juhi are also his kids. She says that she will conceive again, maybe God wants this. Virendra gets shocked hearing him. The nurse comes there so Virendra leaves from there. Purvi feels that he is hiding something. Purvi gets her clothes.

Two nurses having a word and Purvi hears them, she gets to know that she could not be able to conceive again. She cries. Virendra comes to her and consoles her stating they should accept this now. She asks Virendra why she hid this. He says that she was already in pain after knowing about miscarriage then how can he tell her. She says that she is a mother already of Manas and Juhi. She adds that she has her family and she is happy with them.

The next day, Sakshi gets released from jail as Arjun took all the blames on himself. After coming out of jail, Sakshi says that she made a deal with Arjun and now Purvi has to get ready to face her because now, the fight is only between them. Purvi is cleaning the palace and she is standing on the stool. Virendra comes there and scolds her for not having rest. She says that she needs to clean the house for Diwali.

He asks her not to do any work and he is serious this time. They both share a romantic moment. Virendra and Purvi go to the election office. Purvi gets to know that there is no one to fight against her in the election. Sakshi enters and says that she will fight against him. Virendra gets furious seeing her. At home, he says that he will kill her before she will try to harm her. Purvi attempts to stop him. He asks his guards to find out Sakshi. Watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 Pm.

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