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Molkki 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Virendra Lashes Out At Nandini!


We are here to provide our readers, the next written update of the forthcoming episode of “Molkki” on 16th July 2021. After the entry of Virendra’s kids, the story of the serial becoming more interesting to watch. His children hate both Virendra as well as Nandini and they are constantly creating fuzz in their lives. Even in the upcoming episode as well the viewers will see another drama, so let’s check together what next is featuring for the amusement of the audiences. The serial begins with Nandini and his father Virendra who both are emotionally looking at each other.


She shreds some tears and tries to hide them and then she looks at Aarav and gives him a smile. Aarav sends a message to her to encounter him in the backyard. Both leaves secretly from there and on the other side, Veer talks to Priyu and says this movie is quite astonishing and Sudha nods yes. After reaching the backside Nandini gives a hug to Aarav as she is still in emotional condition.

Aarav asks her to calm down and then he wipes her tears. He says don’t need to be worry as I am here. Just relax. On the other side, Virendra is looking for Nandini and thinks about where she is and thinking hope she knows the way and doesn’t forget the way. Then he decides to go on a walk but suddenly Purvi asks him where he is going? In this answer, Virendra says I’m tired after sitting for so long. Nandini is very upset and tells Aarav to take her away from where only both of us are.

Virendra is still searching for Nandini and on a Projector Screen Purvi notices the reflection of Aarav and Nandini. Both are about to kiss each other and after looking at this Purvi is quickly goes to the backside. After a moment Virendra also notices the shadow and thinks who is standing there? Purvi reaches there and pushes Aarav away. Nandini gets angry and says how dare you to push my Aarav. Purvi informs her that Mukhi Ji is searching for her and he is coming in this way.

Nandini tells her to mind her own business and does not dare to come between them and do not act like my mother. I seriously don’t care what do you and your Mukhi Ji thinks about Aarav but remembers one thing I love him and did not care about what you guys think about it and I will meet him do whatever you want to do. This is close here, to know the next update just stay tuned with us and we will be back soon with further updates till then watch this episode of “Molkki’ on the colors channel at 10:30 PM and stay tuned.

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