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Molkki 15th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Purvi and Virendra unconditionally love, scare Sakshi


Molkki 15th November 2021 Written Update Today Episode: Purvi and Virendra unconditionally love, scared Sakshi: The episode starts with Sakshi as she says to Purvi that now she is snatching Virendra from her. Virendra says to her that Purvi didn’t snatch anyone from her but she has won everyone’s heart by making them happy. He asks her not to call herself the mother of Juhi and Manas as she is the one who used Manas for her selfish reason. She says that she didn’t have any other option at that time and it was them who forced her to do all that. She remembers how she bribed the doctor to lie about Manas. She says that she lost last time but not this time. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


This time, she will win as Virendra has no other option to save Purvi instead of marrying her. She tells him to marry her soon else he will lose Purvi forever. He requests her to leave Purvi. Purvi tells him not to marry her. Virendra notices that Arjun is trying to kill Sakshi so he gets ready to marry Sakshi and asks her to stop Arjun. Sakshi stops Arjun and tells him that she wants Purvi to see her marrying Virendra. She asks him to come to the Mandap. He says to her that he wants to get ready like a groom.

He goes to his room. Later, Virendren comes and stands with Sakshi. They both exchanges their garlands. The priest tells them to stand for Pheras. Virendra breaks the phone deliberately. Virendra is about to take last Phera, meanwhile, Purvi comes there and stops the wedding. Sakshi gets shocked to see her there as she comes with the Police. Purvi says that Virendra will only be her husband till she is alive. Sakshi questions how she saved. Purvi says to her that Virendra and her love is true so God helped them. She says that Virendra saved her.

Virendra remembers everything that how he sent Juhi to the Police station then he talks to the police inspector when he went to his room. He explains everything to Sakshi. She gets furious after hearing all this. Purvi also recalls how she was rescued by the police. The constable comes there with Juhi who hugs Purvi. Juhi says to Sakshi that from now, she is not her mother anymore. Police arrest Sakshi. Before the police take her, Sakshi moves towards Purvi and pushes her from the stairs. Purvi feels worried for her child. Juhi sees blood and tells Virendra about it. They take her to the hospital where Virendra tells Purvi that their child is no more in this world. Purvi gets knows that she won’t be able to conceive again. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 pm.

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