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Molkki 15th July 2021 Full Episode Written Update: Purvi pushes Aarav when she is about kiss Nandini


Hi Entertainers, We are back with another update of your adored sequential “Molki” on 15th July 2021. There are numerous turns coming consistently in the storyline of the sequential which are increasing the interest of the crowd to watch this serial. Rather than wasting time to do in begins the update of today episode, the sequential beginnings with Nandini conversing with Virendra and says that she hates him a great deal and requests that he stay away in any case her scorn will increment. Will go She sees Purvi’s portrait creations and chooses to toss them on the floor.


Then, at that point, she asks the servant to bring Sakshi’s portrait and the worker brings it. Veer hang the photo and balances it on the wall. Nandini intentionally steps on Purvi’s portrait. Virendra gets irritated by Nandini’s action and is going to say something yet Purvi holds his hand and asks him not to say anything. As usual, Anjali and Prakashi are enjoying the entire situation. Nandini and Veer look at the Sakshi photo and recall Prakashi’s words.

At the point when Virendra is going to leave, Nandini asks him to stop and says that a Molkki can never turn into a Mukhiyain by displaying his image on the wall. This wall and authority have a place with her mom everlastingly and this Molkki can never have her spot. Virendra gets angry and leaves the room holding Purvi’s hand. On the other side, Manas and Juhi are playing with Priya. Veer comes there and sees them playing. Since Priya is blindfolded, she incidentally holds Veer.

When she is blindfolded she sees Veer remaining before her and afterwards she says wouldn’t he be able to talk? For what reason didn’t you stop me when I was holding you? He begins playing with her and says in light of the fact that I needed you to get or hold me. She makes her strides back and says your meaning could be a little more obvious. This time he remains silent and leaves from that point and afterwards, Priya likewise removes the youngsters from that point.

Afterwards, the children begin playing carrom board and Nandini comes there and asks them what they are doing. You can’t perceive what we are doing and afterwards, Nandini says nobody shows you how to converse with your senior sister. The scene finishes here and to realize the further story simply stay with us and watch this scene of “Molki” on Colors channel at 10:00 PM and consistently stay tuned to getindianews for all the more such most recent updates.

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