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Molkki 14 May 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Virendra Breaks Purvi’s Fast!


The episode starts with Sakshi as she raises some questions and asks Virender to answer them. She says to him that why he is silent. He says to her to give him a chance to explain things. She says to him that she doesn’t want to listen to anything as she learns everything that now he is only Molkki’s husband, not her. She says from now she is no more “Sakshi Virender Pratap Singh” but only Sakshi who doesn’t have any place in his heart. She says otherwise also she has died for her.

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Sakshi leaves from there and Virender also runs behind her. Sakshi gets very upset and starts crying in her room. Virender comes to console her but he warns him not to touch her. He says to her, listen to him once. She asks him not to come close to her. Virender tries to her down but she doesn’t listen to him. She tells him that he ruined her life and now trying to calm her down. She says that since when she has returned, continuously thinking that how a servant knows everything about her family, her kids adore that maid so much even more than their own mother.

Sakshi adds that he and the maid also know each other very that’s why he gives her the nickname “Bawri”. She says that she was noticing everything that how he gets stressed when she returns, the maid and he was looking at each other. She asks him that how can he marry someone. She tells her that there is not a single when she did not remember him. She says he got married and living happily with his family. She says since when she came, he didn’t even touch her once. She says that her kids are happy with their new mom and he is also happy with her new wife who is a Molkki.

Virender says to her that he didn’t lie to her, he just doesn’t tell her the truth. He says to her, he didn’t tell her the truth because the doctor said to him that she can’t handle any stress. He tells her everything that happened after she met with an accident. He tells her that how he married Purvi and then she made her place in everyone’s heart. She says to him to go away from here. Purvi also comes to her and says sorry to her.

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