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Molkki, 12th November 2021, Written Update, The secret of Sakshi and Arjun came in front of Virender


Molkki, 12th November 2021, Written Update, The secret of Sakshi and Arjun came in front of Virender: The episode begins commences with Virendra as he admits Manas to the hospital as he becomes unconscious. The doctor checks Manas. Here, Purvi gets to know about Sakshi’s planning. Sakshi reveals everything to Purvi whatever she did with her in the past few days. Purvi gets shocked hearing her. She asks her how can she do this with her own child. Sakshi says that she snatched everything from her that’s why she did all this to get back her husband and children. The doctor informs Virendra that Manas is fine now and doesn’t need a bone marrow transplant. There, Sakshi is revealing everything to Purvi but Arjun stops her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


He tells her to kill Purvi and not waste time in all this. He gives a gun to her and Sakshi puts that gun at Purvi and says that now she has to die. Purvi asks if she getting mad. She makes her remember that she is pregnant with her child. She asks her to leave her. Sakshi says that she can’t see her alive so she has to die. Purvi requests her not to shoot her. Purvi runs from the place and Arjun tries to catch her.  Purvi makes a call to Virendra and tells him to save her life from and Arjun and Sakshi.

Virendra immediately reaches there and sees decorations over there. Sakshi says to him that Purvi is under her custody and shows him a video of Purvi. She tells him that if he wants to save Purvi then he has to marry her. Virendra says that if she is mad. He asks her to take all his property. She says no, she wants her husband and kids back in her life. Virendra asks her not to call his children hers.

Sakshi says after doing so much, she lost to Purvi but this time, it won’t happen. She asks him to get married to her else he will lose Purvi forever. Sakshi and Virendra start taking wedding vows and Purvi is watching everything via video call. Sakshi asks him to be fast as she doesn’t have much time. She adds that Purvi has even lesser time. Don’t miss watching the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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