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Molkki 12th June 2021 full episode written update: Sakshi Finds A Groom For Purvi!


Today’s episode starts with Sakshi as she is talking to Anamika about Purvi’s groom. She says to her that Purvi is very nice and has done so much for her family. She asks her to find a good and suitable guy for Purvi. Anamika agrees and says that her team will search for the best groom for Purvi. Sakshi says there is no need to think about fees as she will pay her huge amount. Anjali and Prakashi hear their talk. Prakashi says that Sakshi is going crazy as she gets Purvi married to someone instead of getting her out of the house.


Anjali says that whatever happens for good. She tells her that she has a plan. She explains her plan to Prakashi. She gets happy hearing her. Anamika goes from the place. Sakshi taunts Anjali and Prakashi for hearing her conversation. She tells them that she is planning Purvi’s wedding. She asks them to begins the preparations for the marriage. Anjali says that Sakshi doesn’t know that soon she gets a huge shock. Here Virender is thinking about Purvi and her marriage. Sakshi comes and tells him that Purvi said yes to marriage.

Kids come to them ask to play with them. Sakshi says that she is busy with the kitchen’s work and asks them to play with their father and Purvi. She leaves from there. Purvi and Virender play with the kids hide and seek. Manas asks them to hide and he will find them. Purvi and Virender go to the same place to hide where Virender says to her that he got to know that she is going to marry. She says that he was the one who agrees to that and she is ready to do anything for his and Sakshi’s happiness.

Manas catches Juhi and then starts searching for Purvi and Virender. Virender asks her if she is happy. Purvi says that doesn’t matter. She asks him how will he see her with another guy. He says that he always wants to see her happy and for that, he can bear any pain. Kids catch them. Anamika comes with some groom’s photos and shows them to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her to choose someone. The kids come there and have breakfast. Virender says to Sakshi that she should reveal the truth to Purvi.

Later, Purvi tries to tell the truth to the kids. Then Sakshi comes and tells them about the wedding. The kids understand that Purvi will leave the house and them as well. They try to stop the wedding. When the groom’s family comes, he says to them that Purvi is mad and they leave from there. Sakshi got to know about the kids doing. Kids say to her that they will not her go from this house. Watch the upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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