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Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Update: Big Truth In Front of Purvi, Virender Got Angry


Here, we have come with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Molkki”. The episode starts with Anjali as she proves Purvi wrong and Purvi gets very hyper. Anjali asks her to relax and brings water for her. Purvi tries to convince everyone to trust her as she has seen an old lady in the cave. Virendra says to her that he went to check the cave but there is no one present there and the drone recording was also empty. Anjali says to her that she is taking stress these, she needs to take rest for some time.

Molkki 11th March 2021 Written UpdateLater, Prakashi says to Anjali that it was good that I told you about the drone recording on time or else our secret will surely be exposed today in front of Virendra. Prakashi reminisces when Anjali called her and told her about Purvi, she quickly made a plan to save themselves. Prakashi says that she will soon be ruined Purvi and Virendra’s relationship. The kids ask Purvi that can they take a break as they have been studying continuously for a long time. She says no to them. Juhi they are feeling irritated with these mosquitoes. Purvi tries to put a mosquito net.

Virendra helps her to fix the net and they both fall together on the bed. The kids say now they can go from here and runs away. Virendra asks Purvi about Karan that why he had come here. Purvi tells him the reason. She also explains to him how water pours on her shirt and she was just helping him. She says that she doesn’t when someone records it. Purvi says that she also wants him to trust her as she has seen someone in the cave. Sudha tells that Priyu is doing good work in the NGP and will soon forget her past.

Later, Sudha was trying to solve a problem but Karan helps her to solve it. She says to him if he is okay to teach her as this subject is very tough for her. He says that he will help after college. They both decide that they will study at Purvi’s house. The college principal tells everyone that Virendra is going to start his study again and from today, he is joining the college. Purvi wonders that Virendra didn’t tell her that he continues her studies. At home, the kids decide that now they will study together. But Purvi says that she will study with Karan and Sudha. They took selfies together and Virendra notices it. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates.

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