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Molkki 11th June 2021 full episode written update: Sakshi Takes The Responsibility!


The episode begins with a new issue for Purvi and Mukhiya Ji. As we have seen in the previous episode that Purvi and Virender are in love with each other and they can’t stay without each other. On the other side, we know that Sakshi is also here in the same house, thus she can’t see them together as she has all the rights to be a daughter-in-law.


Sakshi told Purvi to level this house as being a wife and mother of two children she can’t see her here getting love from her family. She even cut her wrist but Virendar stopped Purvi from leaving the house. After this Skahis made another plan to make her through from the haveli. She uses to find a bit for her so that Purvi can get married to someone else and leave happily with him. While this is the best way for Skahi to through her out of the haveli and Virender’s life.

Sakhi calls numerous wedding vendors and she even sends her pictures to them. And they sent the pictures of numerous boys to her for Purvi. On the other hand, we will see that Anjali and Prakashi are getting curious to know about Sakshi is doing what’s going on her mind. They are trying their best to know the truth but Sakhi gets to know about their behavior and she use to scold them to not dare to involve in her matters. And if she notices this behavior if again then it will be bad for them.

Later Purvi and Virender come close to each other, he is ready to accept anything for the happiness of Purvi. They seem to hug each other and later get emotional where Virender exclaims that he can do anything to her happy. After this kids use to ask about the boys and when they get to know the truth they feel sad and reacted angrily to this. Kids took a stand for Haathi and try to convince everyone that they can’t live without Haathi and the episode ends here.

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