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MoD Says: Royal Navy Sailor Dies During Carrier Strike Mission on Portsmouth Frigate HMS Kent!


During the travel, the crewmember or a sailor of the Type 23 frigate HMS Kent has lost his life when he was rushing to the Far East is part of the strike group of a carrier, According to the reports of MoD, the investigation has been going on and the team is trying to know the real fact and truth behind this incident. While the investigation says that he was a crew member of the Type 23 Frigate HMS kent. One of the spokespeople from MoD said that It is deep sorrow for the Ministry of Defence because they also declared heartbreaking news with the people and the sailor died on July Saturday, July 10, 2021.

type 23 Frigate HMS kent

Along with this, the Defence Ministry showed their condolence on the death of their bravest sailor and also, gave support to their family and friends. When the death news was confirmed, it did not affect the carrier strike group. According to the schedule, the aircraft was also available on the carrier, Queen Elizabeth which is a part of the carrier strike and all they were travelling over the Mediterranean before reaching the Indo-Pacific region.

Also, the company of shipping are thinking about this continuously and passing this difficult time. The next of the kin informed this and also, ask to keep it private during this time. Also, the time is too difficult for the family and their friends and when this death news went viral on social media, many people pay tribute to the brave sailor.

It is confirmed that the frigate has been reached Greece where many seniors of the navy association have also reached to pay their tribute. All the team received the chance to go for the trip and they all left on May 1, 2021.

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