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Mobile Speed Cameras NSW Government To install 1000 as Warning Signs


NSW Government recently passed news that they will be going to be launch thousands of mobile speed cameras. And this becomes the biggest controversy. But the NSW Government is now backflipping the controversial and lucrative decision which is to detach warning signs from mobile speed cameras. As we all know about the news which was announced nine months ago that the sign would be vanish and disappears. Whares after this dollar 21 million has been collected since then.

Mobile Speed Cameras NSW

Mobile Speed Cameras NSW

The Transport Minister of NSW, Andrew Constance has been given a statement in which he said that “around 1000 of new signs along with 360 digital signs which are come in the use of the driver’s safety, informs them about the speed camera and it helps drivers to know their speed limits.” He further added that the speed is the only main issue which causes accidents and even 50 percent of the fatalities last year and that is all due to inappropriate speed.”

Mr. Adrew Constance also said that the number of drivers was caught driving super fast. The opponent minister of ‘NSW “called this move “partial Backflip” and even urged ti the government to bring back the warnings. He further added that ‘We would like to see our drivers and site ones to be safe. And driver to be drive slow. But if we talk on the basis of the data then it has been hitting or showing that their signs are gonna help the drovers to maintain their speed. Whares the government is backflipping the signs.

According to the Labor show, the figures received show that they are gonna have vanished after the government claims that the warning signs have been removed. The fines we handed per month are 1634 and these are huge numbers.

If we take a look on a June data, drivers were caught with fines that charged them $453,000, this is the data for the year 2020. On the other hand, if we take look at the 2021 June data then its sum total is $5million. This means it increases the number of seed crossing limits by the drivers.

On the other hand, Mr. Minns claimed that May is the month which found the highest low range speeding offenses. The driver used to be pinged for offense, exact $4million as a fine. The accidents have been increased so far, and the death rates counted this year are around 147 deaths. Stay tuned to us for more updates on the same.

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