TikTok vs YouTube controversy was on fire and in between India boycotting Chinese products started because of the India China Border Standoff. Now Mitron TV App developer is someone who took advantage of the situation and he launches the app similar to the Tik Tok. Afterwards, we have seen that the whole media outlet gave him coverage and the app got more than 5 million downloads in a few weeks without any advertisement.

After that, we have seen that Google deleted the app from the Playstore as the app wasn’t working properly and had a lot of piracy issues. This whole thing was a big shock for the Indian people who have downloaded the app as they thought that it is even scary to use it. In a few days, we have seen the same media which was praising the app before started question the privacy policy of the app. Even some experts came out and they have shared that the app isn’t safe for the users.

mitron app

Now after all of this the developers have done some recent bug fixes in the app, they have made their privacy policy strict, they have even added some extra code to make the app easier to use and now it is available again on the Playstore. Even regarding the reason for removal from the Playstore the Google confirmed yesterday that, “We’ve given this developer some guidance and once they’ve addressed the issue the app can go back up on Playstore.”

Simply the developer who was behind the Mitron App listened to Google and then they have the app back on the Playstore. The developer also added the GDPR Data Protection Rights in the app as well as the updated privacy policy. Mitron was violating Google’s ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy of Google. After new updated, we have used the app and it is working properly with great moves.


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