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Missing: Is Sabha Othman Found Dead or Alive? Fresno California Woman Death Hoax Explained


Missing: Is Sabha Othman Found Dead or Alive? Fresno California Woman Death Hoax Explained: A California-based woman named Sabha Othman went missing on 30 December 2021. She is from Fresno, California. Sabha Othman is a mother and also a medical assistant. Here the reader will get the updates of her missing matter. Reports say that she was missing and abducted by three men and a case was filed at Clovis Police Department but statements from the police officers are saying something else which is different from her missing reports. Read the sections below to know more about Sabha Othman’s case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sabha Othman

Is Sabha Othman Found Dead or Alive?

When police officers investigated the case and checked the CCTV footage they claimed that Sabha Othman has gone with her will as there is no evidence or sign of assaulting and forcing found by the police. Sabha Othman is a grown-up girl and Clovis PD is determined to probe her and do a health check so that they can verify the woman is alright. Sabha Othman, who was missing since 30 December in not been found yet. Sabha Othman was last seen in Winco’s parking lot scrubs for Care and hijab which was printed with a tiger pattern. When the police department did not update the missing news on its official website the matter became hot and people got furious and her family member requested support on social media.

Missing: Who is Sabha Othman?

After when case picked some popularity the policeman checked the surveillance footage of the parking lot where she was last noticed and left on her own and as per the reports police are still trying to search Sabha Othman and also doing a welfare check. But she is still missing. Sabha Othman is the mom of four little children, all are not adults yet. Sabha Othman grown-up her kids in a good aura. But their details and names are not clarified yet. And there is also no information about her family and parents. But Mirvette Judeh and Inshirah Abusneineh are those people who are concerned about her.

Sabha Othman appears to be a married woman but her husband’s details have not been confirmed and neither has her boyfriend come forth for her. KMPH believes that Sabha Othman has gone with her will from the parking lot and hide somewhere this implies the thought that she has someone to take her with him. Or it may be that she just doesn’t want to come back to her old life and her kids. All the speculations are not confirmed about her, Sabha Othman is the only person who knows all the answers to the questions which are roaring up on the internet.

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