Missing Girl Blue Mountains Found Dead or Alive? Parents Revealed: In a previous year, our team was reported several missing news from all over the world. And there was one is noticed that the missing reports were of kids. Moreover, none of them has been found yet, their family is still in grief and they are waiting to see their lost ones again in a huge hope. But all we can say is that they have to be patient, as the police are giving their best to find out their loved ones. But our heart is still broken and we are disheartened to be share that one more nine-year-old innocent girl has been reported missing. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Missing Girl Blue Mountains

Who is Missing Girl Blue Mountains?

She has been missing from New South Wales Blue Mountains. A nine-year-old was missing from Thursday. Her parents are so heartbroken at this time and they are in the hope to meet their daughter as soon as possible. Later the police were alerted of the absence of Charlie Mutten’s on Friday. Since then they are started their operation to find them here but isn’t easy for them to find her out. They are making all the possible efforts to bring her home to her parents. For parents, it is so difficult for them to stay away from their daughter like this.

Missing Girl Blue Mountains Found Dead or Alive?

Officials are claiming there she was last seen by her parents and they saw her at Mount Willson, which is 60 km northwest of Richmond. Charlie is almost 140 cm tall, she is a thing girl, she had broken hair and her eyes are brown. Her skin color is fair. While she is small in age and not smart enough to tackle or handle any of the situations alone yet.

She was in a  pink top with a round neck collar and a knee-length skirt which is black in color along with pink things. Whereas in her search pis a team of hundred police and emergency services is involved. They are assisted by the SEs, Rural Fore Service, and the dg unit is also involved in the search.

Missing Girl Blue Mountains Parents Details

Her parents are also making efforts on her search they took their social media accounts they posted the appearance of their daughter and even share her pictures. Where they requested their followers to share this post on their accounts so that they can get help to fond their daughter. It isn’t easy for them to lose their daughter but their hope is very high. Police will be going to find her son and for further updates stay tuned to us.

Missing Girl Blue Mountains Missing Girl Blue Mountains Missing Girl Blue Mountains Missing Girl Blue Mountains


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