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Who is Miriam Sebbagh and Why was Crook’s teacher banned? photos revealed


Who is Miriam Sebbagh and Why was Crook’s teacher banned? photos revealed: Several countries are fighting against terrorism and also raising awareness in order to defeat it. But some people are totally against it and promoting terrorism, one such recent example is shown in Crook which is the County of Durham. A primary school teacher has been banned for life from the classroom. The name of the accused teacher is Miriam Sabbagh, who served at Hunwick Primary School in Crook, County Durham. She was discovered to have given money to people she know were engaged in terrorism. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Miriam Sebbagh Crook's teacher

Who is Miriam Sebbagh?

As per several media reports, the 52-year-old school teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after sending money to the groups of Islamic terror. Ms. Sabbagh was sending Islamic terrorists thousands of pounds, a Teaching Regulation Agency disciplinary panel discovered. The misconduct panel also heard she attempted to radicalize a friend.

Cops found £4,670 in a safe at her address which was intended to fund terror attacks. The money was afterward forfeited under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 200, and not only this she was also ordered to pay costs of £12,654.

Why was Miriam Sebbagh Crook’s teacher banned?

Miriam Sebbagh was apprehended in the month of July 2017 by Counter Terrorism Policing North East (CTPNE) and investigated by police but the Crown Prosecution Service ended there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges, the panel heard.

Counter-Terrorism Policing North East (CTPNE) report stated that “maintained a high level of concern regarding Ms. Sebbagh’s state of mind, the opinions which she adopted and her actions within the teaching arena” The panel heard that CTPNE had got the information that Ms. Sebbagh had given £2,500 to a person connected to a proscribed terrorist organization.

She had made “multiple” other payments to people, charities, overseas accounts, and also the sites of crowd-funded donations.

The Video Of Jihad

The panel heard that CTPNE was concerned Miriam Sebbagh was funding travel from the United Kingdom for individuals wanting to be a part of ISIS or other extremist groups. It informed the Teaching Regulation Authority that some of the payments were made to individuals who had been examined or apprehended for suspected terrorism-related offenses.

The report of misconduct panel stated Miriam Sebbagh believed violent Jihad was the right and correct interpretation of the Islamic teaching but lied about her actions and beliefs. She asserted not to know ISIS was an organization of terrorism and not to know a video she sent to one individual in order to promote jihad. She also asserted not to have known another individual was emerged in motivating have against the West when she sent him money when in fact she shared his thoughts.

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