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Mill Park Homicide, Women And 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Mill Park!


Mill Park Homicide, Women And 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Mill Park! A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that has left stunned everyone. Yes, we are talking about the murder case of a 6 years old girl and a woman who is believed to be her mother. The news has been getting viral on social media platforms. The netizens have been expressing their sorrow for the deaths. It is really shocking to hear about the incident. The police have been investigating the case seriously. Several people want to know the exact matter of the murder case. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the case so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

A ten-year-old girl from that address managed to escape and flee." He said that the girl is not hurt physically

According to the reports, the police have recently disclosed some details of the case that were really shocking. They revealed that a 6 years old girl and a woman were killed in a Melbourne stabbing attack. However, the woman is believed to be the girl’s mother. It was revealed that the emergency services were reported by the neighbors about the incident at around 7:50 pm on Thursday. They responded to the incident scene immediately and the incident happened at Kellaway Crescent in Mill Park. It was a shock for all the neighbors who witnessed the incident.

Mill Park Homicide

When the police officials arrived at the scene, they discovered three victims who were injured seriously. The victims were identified as a 40-year-old man, a 39-year-old woman, and 6 years old girl. However, the woman was pronounced dead on the spot, while the6 years old girl was taken to the hospital immediately from the incident spot but she succumbed to her fatal injuries. After the incident and investigation, Dean Thomas, Detective Inspector from Homicide Squad held a press conference on Friday where he revealed that there was one more child in the house when the stabbing attack took place.

Women And 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead

He stated, “A ten-year-old girl from that address managed to escape and flee.” He said that the girl is not hurt physically and is currently in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services and is cooperating with the police. He added, “It’s very difficult for her. She’s been through an absolutely terrible, traumatic incident … we want to make sure she’s as good as she can be.” Police said that they believed four people in a house are family members, and the woman and man are married and expected to be the parents of the girls. The man hurt himself while speaking to the police and is now in serious condition. We will update you soon with further details till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

Mill Park Homicide, Women And 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Mill Park!

A spine-chilling incident has happened in Melbourne which pull the attention of the globe and raised a question towards the safety of the citizens. Distressing information about the stabbing demise of Melbourne’s mother and her young daughter have come out with police disclosing the critically wounded woman ran to a neighbor desperately looking for help. Poonam Sharma and her 6-year-old daughter Vanessa were assassinated after her spouse Prabhal Sharma (40-years-old) reportedly attacked them with a shared knife. The tragedy unfolded at the Mill Park home of the family, northeast of the city, on Thursday night, 13th January 2022, hours after emergency services were at first called to the address.

As per the latest report, the taxi driver allegedly stabbed Vanessa and Poonam whereas their 10-year-old daughter Angela miraculously ran away from the scene sans physical wound. Cops on Friday disclosed a critically wounded Mrs. Sharma ran to a house of the neighbor seeking help after the attack and was reportedly pursued by her spouse.

Detective Inspector Dean Thomas stated that Mr Sharma had self-harmed when approached by cops. He is presently in hospital under the safety of the police. Inspector Thomas stated that “What we believe, our 39-year-old sufferer has run from her address to the neighbors looking aid and hence believe there is blood there.”

He stated the man was known to police prior to the alleged double murder. He stated that “It is still very early. Part of our investigation is to really understand the main motive of the reasoning. We very much desire to speak to him once he is cleared by the hospital staff.” Mrs Sharma passed away at the scene whereas her daughter Vanessa passed away in hospital on Friday morning, 14th January 2022.

Neighbour Abdul Husseini was at a park when his spouse informed him about the horrific scene outside their house, as the mother of two yelled while attempting to help her youngest daughter. He informed The Herald Sun that “They were crying and calling for someone to help there was no one on the deserted street. The lady came out fully covered in blood.

Mill Park Homicide, Women And 6 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Mill Park!

Another neighbor, Christine stated that she ran outside when she heard the yelling and asserts that she watched a man “carrying a knife in his hand” in the front yard. This lethal crime followed another unconnected violent attack in Mordialloc in which 2 men were shot demised. Cops and emergency services responded to reports of gunshots at a McDonald St address at 09:00 PM. Both the persons passed away on the incident spot.

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