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Mill Bay Accident Today: Moter Car goes off bridge on Highway 1 near Shawnigan Lake


Mill Bay Accident Today: There has been an accident recently, one driver has gotten injured on Monday morning after the vehicle went off the side of a Trans-Canada highway bridge which is near Shawnigan Lake road and the car crashed into an embankment below, it seems like the Mill Bay Fire Department was called to the Highway which is just south of Shawnigan Lake/Mill Bay Road at 2:30 am on 25th October. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mill Bay Accident Today

Mill Bay Accident Today

It was a single-vehicle crash, the authorities used the combination of extraction tools and high angle rescue gear, it seems like members were able to remove the vehicle’s lone occupant and in order to get them into the hands of the paramedics, was stated by the Fire Department, this is why they train for worst-case scenarios.

The crash has become the reason for the closed sections of the Trans-Canada highway and it remained the same until 11:00 am, according to the highway maintenance service that traffic has been delayed throughout the morning, there is much information is missing.

It seems like it has not been stated as to how the accident took place, the identities of the people who were involved in the accident have not been released as of yet, it has not been stated if the case involves drink and drive, it has not been stated if the vehicle was overspeeding, there are many informative points which have not been released by the authorities as of this point in time.

We are going to be updating you about the further developments in the coming days and weeks, there are going to be more developments which are going to be talked about, the investigations are still going on and we will be on our toes to provide you with the further updates in the coming days and weeks.

It seems like Fire Department have played a key role in handling the situation and the whole community is pretty proud of the honesty that the authorities show in these difficult times for the community, they are the real heroes who are saving lives every now and then and everyone in the community is proud of them.

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