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Military Coup in Myanmar, Residing Indians to avoid Travel: Indian Embassy of Myanmar


Democracy is again under question in Myanmar. The Myanmarese military has taken the power into its hands after the coup. An emergency has been imposed on the state. Understanding the current scenario, the Indian embassy has released an advisory for the Indians residing in Myanmar to avoid travel out of the country. The embassy has assured the Indian residents to come in touch with them if they require. The political developments in the country have lifted up a tense situation among all the people including Indian residents.

Military Coup in Myanmar

The National League for Democracy has kept in favor whole the result of the election conducted on 8th November under the guidance of the civilian leader ‘Aung San Suu Kyi’. However, the military forces have declined all the polls citing the electoral rolls filled with discrepancies. Though there is no commotion on the roads physically, the citizens are terrified of uncertain conditions that may happen now. The Indian government had already expressed its “Deep Concerns” for the political changes in Myanmar supporting the democratic procedures. The government on Monday said that the rule of law must be upheld in the country.

Taking into concern all this situation, the Embassy of India in Yangon released this “Message for Indian citizens residing in Myanmar in connection with the recent political scenario in Myanmar”. It has been clearly said by the Embassy that the Indians residing in Myanmar may communicate to the embassy if it becomes necessary. As per the details given by Indian Embassy, there are around 7,000 those Indians who are non-residents in Myanmar and the range of Indian origin residents falls between 1.5-2.5 million. It clearly indicates how crucial the situation is to be handled. There are being estimated only a few chances of the situation to become normal in the country. This advisory for Indian Myanmar residents will surely assure intellectual relief to them.

Apart from the advisory, the Indian government is intended to assist in reversing the democratic condition in Myanmar. The Indian government is also regularly monitoring the situation in order to take immediate action if there goes anything wrong. Myanmar has got its first civilian government in power in 2011 after which democracy was established there but it has been demolished again by the military.

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