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Is Mikhail Gorbachev Dead or Alive? Former President Death Hoax Debunked


Is Mikhail Gorbachev Dead or Alive? Former President Death Hoax Debunked: People are scrounging web pages to confirm whether Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev has died or not as some social media posts and news articles are claiming that he has been passed away due to which people have been perplexed. He is a world-famous personality who has served as general secretary of the Communist Party from 1985 to 1991 of the CPSU (Soviet Union) and he has also remained as the President of CPSU for a year from 1990 to 1991. Although he is a prominent face of the country, current circumstances of social media are not seeming good for his followers and well-wishers, find out what is the reality and learn if he is alive or dead in the downward placed sections of this article and readers of this article will also get to read about his family background and net worth. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mikhail Gorbachev Dead

Is Mikhail Gorbachev Dead or Alive?

As we have mentioned above some rumors are circulating on different platforms of social media that claimed he is no more with us but we have done a complete study on this topic and we have concluded that nobody has come fore to announce he has been passed away neither official report has been released so far that means these rumors are completely baseless and not trustworthy. We believe he is just a victim of social media’s publicity stunt and his death news is just a hoax. According to the reports, no news of his illness and health complexities have been reported yet in the media.

He is a divisive person who stays at his residence, citizens consider him as one of the greatest reformers of history who tried every possible method to decentralize the economy of his nation and democratize the political system of his country due to which the Soviet Union was disintegrated in 1991 when he was serving as the president of the Union. In his illustrious political career, he has been honored with Nobel Prize in 1990 for Peace for ending the postwar dominance of the Soviet Union on Eastern Europe.

As per the reports, he tied the marriage knot with his wife named Raisa Gorbachev who is no more with him as she passed away on 20th September 1999 after living 67 years of her life. The cause of her death was reported Leukemia. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Irina Virganskaya. Stay tuned with us for more updates and trending news.

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