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Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Youtube Streaming Delays Due to Hacked Website


The CEO of MyPillow naming Mike Lindell has stated about his website which was hacked, the name of the website is Frank Speech, the live stream was interrupted which was about Cyber Symposium on how hackers from China defrauded in the year 2020 presidential election and how they delayed the three-day event. he has further stated, he has irrefutable evidence of 37 terabytes against the hackers who he stated were backed up by China, they broke into the election system and they helped to switch votes in the favour of the current President Joe Biden which he is going to be presenting at the event.

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Streaming

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Youtube

He stated he is going to wait for a while to run the live stream because everyone should see what they have with them, He did not state who is responsible for the hack, it was seen the live stream was restored at 10:00 am which took place 1 hour later than the decided time for the stream. the three-day event is going to be about the frauds which have gone through in the elections, the claims which have been discredited by many and this has cost him when it comes to his reputation and when we talk about the situation financially.

The full live stream of the symposium is going to be live-streamed on the website if Mr. Lindell and he further stated he is hoping to attract 1 billion viewers. he stated it is going to be the most seen event in history which he stated to The Washington Times, he believes everyone is going to be pretty curious about what they are going to be seeing, they are going to be talking about the event saying this is real and will see how China has hacked into the elections of America.

As of now no one knows what is the proof which he is talking about, it seems like people need to wait until the live stream is done, this is a huge claim by the CEO and if this is true then this is going to create many problems between China and America and things aren’t perfect between them already. If what he is claiming is true then it is going to be exposing many people who were involved in the fraud which has happened in such an important election.

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Streaming

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