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Mika Dog Collar: Masked Singer Poodle guessed as singer Mika


Mika Dog Collar: Masked Singer Poodle guessed as singer Mika: The judges of The Masked Singer believe they have figured out who the Poodle is but viewers are skeptical. In today’s program on ITV, Poodle made an impression on judges Rita Ora, Mo Gilligan, Jonathan Ross, and Davina McCall. Viewers were given hints about their identity before the show, but after a game of two lies and a truth, two judges were confident they knew who the poodle was.  Jonathan was convinced Poodle was Grace Kelly singer Mika Following the game while the others guessed it could be Peter Crouch, Rylan or Years and Snoop Dogg. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mika Dog Collar

Mika Dog Collar

But contrary to popular belief the pooch is Reverend Richard Coles according to the majority of tweets. Some tweets are here below:

I’ve been Mika a fool out of the judges which were everything fans needed to know. As well as stating Poodle was deffo a professional singer they said Yes definitely Mika

  • Another one: Panel smashed it I think with Mika
  • Another one: The color clue Mika

Mika Dog Collar

Some fans also said Too obvious to be Mika unless it’s a doubt bluff who am I kidding it could be me. Of course, these weren’t the only hints, as Poodle claimed in his VT that the judges were barking up the wrong tree. Many fans flooded on social media and said

  • @greigsmith32 said: Poodle is Richard Coles. The dog collar. #maskedsinger
  • @colinjmoreley said: Poodle is Rev Richard Coles. #Masked Singer
  • @willinsing added: Simplest one ever. Richard coles is poodle
  • maskedsingher, maskedsinger uk
  • @FionArthur 21 added: Don’t often do this but poodle is rev Richard Coles

Mika Dog Collar

The fans are not convinced about the whole concept of what poodle was but some of them understand it and some of them do not. Some clues were given to viewers ahead of the performance but after a game of two lies and a truth, two judges were convinced they knew who poodle was and the rest of them not. It was very difficult to judge by its performance and seeing just only for two minutes to understand who poodle was.

Mika Dog Collar

He gave many hints, many clues, many points but only a few of the viewers understand the concept of poodle, and those who understood were shocked at the moment of dancing. For more TV and Celebrity personalities, it was also very difficult to understand it. This lead to a discussion on social media and becomes the trending topic on social media and people started sharing what poodle was.


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