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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Laughed At Iphone


There is the 15th anniversary of a well-known worldwide for its products comprising high-end technology and quality named Apple iPhone as this company has completed its 15 years in the market Bing leading organization on June 29, 2007, it was co-founder Steve Jobs who introduced it for the first time in the market as that time iPhone was launched the market was not according to today Apple AirPods on the leading and most selling mobile devices companies are blackberry, Nokia, windows OS phone, Motorola and HTC. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Apple iPhone 14 Release Date

These companies are the competition that Apple faced to come on the top in the market by attracting people for their device, quality and privacy as awesome key factors for the most loved by the customer’s Apple first launched look was not a matter of concern for the bulk selling mobile companies and Apple keeps developing organization so many criticizers mock and make fun of Apple as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer being the most loved phone maker ruled the market for hardware and software and devices and products.

During the press conference with Microsoft former CEO, Ballmer Make fun of and laugh at the price tag of the Apple iPhone and also found that a device with no keyboard would be of no sense for a business user to have Microsoft Ballmer added the iPhone is not Making worthy phone and questioned in a sarcastic manner saying as much high in cost for USD 500, Fully financed, what a plan??? Also sad he would consider the phone as world’s most expensive phone. And it is of no use for business purposes without a keyboard and it can only be useful as an email machine as all tech farms have the strategies they said window phones making good money by then and there are devices with cheaper cost and desired features like in Motorola Q series starting from $99 capital machine can make music and Internet connections.

Then in the press conference Microsoft Office your last day about the attractive look of Apple device and the attention it is getting from the market. right now many organizations are involved in manufacturing phones and selling in bulk figures about five digits. Still, in the six months of the iPhone launch, it is not able to make a market presence and unable to recover its manufacturing cost for the device and said to him iPhone is just the most expensive phone in the market weather very low feature performing operations.

But with time iPhone has grown gigantic Win millions and billions of customers, sales, and profits oriented figures, and become a brand equivalent to the other brands which at the time of its launch said it was just a mechanic shop. And realizing his words bomber later take back his words about the price and business model of the Apple iPhone. In another interview after nine years of the iPhone launch, Ballmer accepted his arrogance and said I wish if you could have thought for subsidized phone operators.

As Ballmer said it was too expensive and will never sell but the price tag of USD 600 to 700 was too high and the business pattern innovated by Apple for monthly bills of manufacturing an Apple Watch based on this model. Ballmer also added his ignorance and lack of strategic innovation for customer demand as not launching the Microsoft devices for handset phones and tablets earlier saying that Microsoft would have moved in faster in the hardware business by making pc they would need separation of chips systems and software and didn’t put much effort to grow its self in the Mobile digital world.

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