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Microsoft, Blackberry Ceos Called iPhone ‘Flop’


When the iPhone has launched in the market its competition with other mobile-making companies was very high. as the Apple was just recently introduced into the market and other companies like Microsoft BlackBerry Nokia and many others were selling phones since the initial state when the first handset mobiles are introducing to the market and because of their history with the market they because the companies dominating the market and well known to the customers for reliable, quality and performance bases as the sales of these companies are very high. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

iPhone Designer Ana Arriola

They did not put much effort into innovating and developing new features and using new aspects of a digital device, When Apple has introduced to the market the business model of Apple was called a floor model because it was more expensive than others and it doesn’t have a keyboard. at that time phones are mostly used for business purposes, not like these days when everybody’s having a phone. Apple phone is owned by  Steve Jobs and introduced in the market.

Become 15 years old on June 29, And the iPhone-making company Apple keeps on introducing its new devices and improved hardware and software, and additional operations making a gradual growth in quality another aspect a customer is looking for. For almost a decade the Apple iPhone sales in the US in 2007 June came to the top of the chart. In the same year, it came to the top in sales of the device in Europe also and in 2008 it introduced its 4G model in Asia for $500 and a GB model for 600 $700. Received a huge amount of love from the market customers for its performance and quality and features.

However, the many said iPhone launch was a bad idea including the price tag, not having a keyboard, and Apple operating system instead of window popularity at the time of the struggle is Apple has received a lot of criticism and people make fun of its business model as saying loudmouth words for Apple business model of this iPhone. There are many statements that came into the light regarding Apple’s criticism of its model as CEO and owner and founder of big companies have given statements like.

Microsoft organization CEO Steve Ballmer said Apple will never be able to get satisfactory market profit not even a single chance of profit will ever come to its account as it has a device for $500 and a fully financed phone with no surety of full payment returns. the statements regarding Apple then condition recorded in media reports, there other statements like the then most loud and popular business users favorite device name blackberry as the blackberry was the leading company that time with the most expensive phones CEO of BlackBerry research in motion Jim Balsillie said, the recent launch of the Apple is not a competition or a market contender that would affect the reach of motion.ltd Customers in the market as blackberry customers are having the world’s best phone and simply acknowledged Apple just like a similar and three of another smartphone maker. He explained apple with an example that it is just a small company in a market with so many choices for the consumer but in case of misfortune he can see Apple leading him.

As nobody recognisable as a potential Hykeham tender high-level competition criticising it Nokia chief strategist Anssi Vanjoki Boston statement about Apple saying in an interview with German media that Apple has gained the attention of many companies but this proves it is not right for them as they are still a very low-value manufacturer’s mobile company and will take years to come to a stable level, Then leading company Palm CEO Edd Colligan said for Apple that we are struggling in the market for a few years to make a decent phone for users and PC making think it can beat Microsoft and other leading companies. which are not letting them put a finger on top and it will be a difficult task for PC maker company.

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