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Michigan Teacher Haircut: Father Sues School For Cutting Hair


Michigan Teacher Haircut: Father Sues School For Cutting Hair: A recent example is shown which shows that how parents are protective about their children. A father of a 7-year-old girl sue the school for $1m as the teacher of his child cut her hair without taking the parental permission. Now the father is demanding $1m (£724,000) in damages. According to the reports, Jimmy Hoffmeyer brings action against a school district, a librarian, and a teacher’s assistant in Michigan, claiming assault and battery. Not only this he has also made accusations of racial discrimination, ethnic frightening, and intentional infliction of emotional anguish and that his constitutional rights of her daughter were violated.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer

Michigan Teacher Haircut

The local school board explained the accusations as “baseless” and stated it would ‘aggressively defend” them in court. Mr. Hoffmeyer stated his daughter Jurnee, who belongs to a mixed-race, came home from Ganiard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant in the month of March with much of the hair on 1 side of her head cut. In the starting, she informed me that one classmate had done this on her school bus.

Then his father made a complaint to the principal and the hair of Jurnee was restyled at a salon to make the incompatible lengths less clear. After the two days of the incident on the bus, Jurnee got returned from school with her hair cut on the other side, too. Mr. Hoffmeyer stated at this time, “I asked what happened and said, “I thought I informed you no kid should ever chop your hair.”

Father Sues School For Cutting Hair

Then his daughter said, “Dad, it was the teacher. The teacher chops her hair to even it out.” Mr. Hoffmeyer stated The girl who chops the hair of Jurnee on the school bus was white as was the teacher. The local school board, in Mount Pleasant, informed an independent investigation had been conducted which found no biases on the basis of race. Staff, students, and families were interrogated and footage and photos were reviewed including the posts on social media platforms.
The policy of the school was violated when the hair of Jurnee was chop, the investigation discovered. In spite of having “good intentions”, the member of the staff who did it has been rebuked. 2 other employees were aware of the incident but not made any report regarding this incident. All these three have asked for forgiveness. The lawsuit made the claims that the school district “failed to properly monitor, discipline, train, supervise and discipline their employees, and knew or should have known that the employees would busy in the complained-of behavior given the improper customs, policies, training and procedures and the lack of discipline that existed for workers.”
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