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Michelle Skewes: Former White Ribbon ambassador Jon Seccull raped his wife jailed


Who is Michelle Skewes? Age, Biography, Family, Facebook, Photos: Michelle Skewes is a name of a lady who is now making the news headlines after she has been revealed the most terrible truth of her life in front of the media. She attracts everyone’s attention in the state and now this is a viral one and has been known worldwide. Those who aren’t aware of her truth so we are here to inform you with a full story about her. Without any more delay, let us know what has happened to her. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Michelle Skewes

Who is Michelle Skewes?

She is the Ex-wife of the former Ambassador of White Ribbon, Jon Secull. And he accused him of sexual abuse. She was suffering with him while they were in a marriage. It was so stressful for her to live with him. She filed a rape case against her Ex husband. Who is 43 years old. His father was a police officer but he has been retired now. He was an ambassador and the White Ribbon Minister. He was a part charity fund riser of the Victorian city of Ballarat.

Michelle Skewes

They both get married in 2000 but it isn’t successful and they weren’t happy together. Secull started an assault with her in 2011 and they finally got divorced in 2016. Her husband used to be got angry at her for going out to attend parties and many more. Whereas Michelle was the police officer and they finally decided to take a stand for her. After which she choose to be divorced her husband. She faced so many bad things at her wedding and then she left him in 2015.

Michelle Skewes

So now he has been inside the prison for 15 years of prison. He was called to court on October 18 and charged with nine counts of rape attempts on his ex-wife. He even gave in injuries to her that were so severe.

Michelle Skewes

Before realizing her bane in the media she has been asked by the police whether they can publish her name or not. She gets ready for this as she thought that she will become an inspiration for many women those are also going through with the same issue in their life.

Michelle was born in Australia and her nationality is Australian only. So is her ex-husband. They received a son and he has been passed away in 2011. Michelle claimed that losing their son Secull make things more worst between them. She faced so much anger and the bad face of her ex-husband.

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