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Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident Video Explained!


After the accident of Michael Schumacher happened in 2013 was a skiing accident, Jean Todt who is the former Ferrari boss and Schumacher’s wife has willed him to survive following up the incident. Schumacher is at the age of 52 as of this point, he has been seen in public after suffering from a fatal injury which was caused to his brain when he was skiing off in the resort in French Alps in Meribel. and after the horrific accident which the F1 legend faced, the health battle has been going on in a secretive manner, he is a 7 time World Champion, and all the credit goes to her wife who has been there for him in these difficult times.

Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident

Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident Video

It is being stated Todt has been visiting his good friend regularly, he stated Schumacher has survived because of the tremendous work of the doctors and his wife Corinna who is at the age of 52, who has stood by the side of his husband in these difficult times. Todt spoke with the German publication naming Sport Bild stating, he has spent a lot of time with Corinna since Michael suffered from a skiing accident which was pretty serious which happened on 29th December in the year 2013. he further stated she is a great woman and she is the one who runs the family, she was not expecting it as it happened pretty suddenly, she was having no choice, she stated she trusts her and she trusts me.

He further stated doctors have been top-notch and the will of his wife to make him survive has made him come out of this but this has happened with consequences and right now they are fighting it but he stated things are going to be improving slowly and steadily. There is going to be a documentary about Schumacher which is going to be released on Netflix on 15th September which is going to be containing never-seen-before videos of his friends and family and it seems to lie the documentary is going to be covering the difficult times of his wife as she was supporting him and was by her husband’s side all of these years.

It has been stated by the manager of Schumacher naming Sabine Kehm, the film is going to be a gift for their beloved husband and father.

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