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Michael Schumacher Accident Footage Details: New Disclosure About His Petrified Accident


It has been 8 years since the world champion of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher had a petrified accident and at this point, there has been only a little information about his physical health. Schumacher is the 7-time F1 champion and one of the most victorious racing drivers in history and he performed his final season in the year 2012 prior to his officially retired for the 2nd time. Later on, in the month of December 2013 while the father of two was snowboarding with his son Mick (14 years old and that time) he fell, and then his head collides on a rock and lumps a serious injury on his head.

Michael Schumacher Accident Footage Details

Michael Schumacher Accident Footage Details

Then he was airlifted to the hospital where he was under the two surgeries and if he had not worn the ski-helmet then there was a rare chance of being the life and was most probably dead. The serious craniocerebral trauma led him to 6 months in a coma. When he was aroused he was shifted to a rehabilitation unit in Lausanne which is Switzerland prior to leaving to continue his treatment at his home.

Subsequently, his health has been described as a “mysterious secret”, The main reason allegedly surrounds his wife Corrina who has rarely talked to media but on the month of September 15th that is going to be changing as the popular streaming platform is all set to release a documentary about the life of a racer that will drop some light on his health that has been accredited by his family.

Prior to the film, there has hardly only been two updates given about Michael, his ex Ferrari boss Jean Todt who accepted the communication with Michael was not similar as prior to, and his wife who stated in the month of November 2019, that the racer was “in the best possible hands”. The documentary film promises to unveil some of the mystery surrounding the present state of the Kaiser with the concurrence and testimonies of his wife and children as well as along with the involvement of many specialists, rivals, active drivers, and former teammates.

The streaming platform Netflix already shared the official trailer where Corrina says emotionally, “When first time I met him, he is a most adorable person. According to me, he is a very strong person mentally and he always shows me how strong he is.” This documentary film is directed by Vanessa Nocker and will release on Netflix.

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