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WATCH: Michael Gove Video Adopts Scouse Accent In Bizarre TV Interview Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Michael Gove Video Adopts Scouse Accent In Bizarre TV Interview Viral On Social Media: Recently Michael Gove gave an interview on BBC Breakfast and his interview clips are going viral on social media as he used a faux scouse accent when he was questioned about a split between the Treasury on the cost of living crisis and Boris Johnson. He’s told people to calm down about the cost of living crisis. Since he has been seen on the BBC Breakfast he has become the talk of the town and everyone is looking for a detailed explanation. Therefore we have come up with this writing in which we have written a lot of important aspects related to this news. Kindly scroll down the page and take a peek at the sections that are placed downward. Go through this article till the last. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Michael Gove

Michael Gove Video Viral On Twitter

The Levelling-Up secretary used an American faux scouse accent during the interview with Dan Walker on BBC. While discussing with Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast the Leveling-Up Secretary ruled out an emergency budget to flourish more assistance for the struggling families coping with energy, fuel, and food prices. He also parodied Harry Enfield, a comedian. The Levelling-Up secretary opposed the calls for the Government to give more financial help. Later Dan Walker also took over his Twitter account to express bafflement at the Levelling-Up secretary’s performance or interview.

Michael Gove Adopts Scouse Accent In Bizarre TV Interview Video

The host Dan Walker said, “I have recently watched my interview and I am still trying to work out what happened. I wish the Levelling-Up secretary Michael Gove is Ok.” Meanwhile, the furious Liverpudlians surrounded the politician on Twitter over Mr. Grove’s scouse accent and trivializing the cost of living crisis and he also used the “calm down” words of comedian Enfield. A person dropped a tweet on Twitter that quoted, “cost of living crisis and Mr. Groves breaks into stupid voices. His target was this government”.

Another tweeted, “trying to make fun of people’s misery says it all about this out-of-touch silver spoon-fed government.” The Levelling-Up secretary appeared on the BBC Breakfast show just after the prime minister Borris Johnson’s response to Queen’s speech. The prime minister said the Chancellor and he would be saying more about this in the future but there were boundaries on how much public money he was prepared to commit. That’s all for now on this topic, kindly stay in touch with this page to learn further reports and updates.

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